Cardmaking, My Thing




The last couple years I have been making cards for my family and friends. I make them for major holiday such as Christmas, Birthdays and Easter but also for occasions like St. Patrick’s Day and Valentines Day. I have quite the stash of scrapbooking supplies built up to create these cards with.

I also always fill them with some sort of confetti to add a little extra surprise.  I have used balloons, stars and even little plastic bugs for Halloween, which scared/creeped out several card  recipients. Everyone has therefore learned by now to be careful when opening the envelope so they don’t have a mess to clean up. I know the confetti may be a little messy sometimes, but it is a signature part of my homemade cards and wouldn’t think of giving it up.


When I make my cards I have a bin that I load up with my all of my card making supplies. This makes it easy to clean up and move everything to another location because it usually takes many nights to make all of the cards for everyone.


I have a few key supplies that I always use when making cards to give away. They are Elmer’s CraftBond® Clear Dual Tip Glue Pen, assorted stickers, Sharpie markers in many colors, ribbon, paper scraps in all sizes and colors, patterned tape, adhesive roller, scissors and assorted embellishments depending on the occasion.  Most of these supplies can be found at your local dollar store except for the Sharpie markers which are available at any office supply store or big box retailer such as Walmart or Target.

I find card making a nice activity to do in the evening after supper to unwind. I enjoy making the cards and it is a nice way to let people you love know you are thinking about them.


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  1. I learned my lesson the first time that I opened one of your cards. I was still finding confetti in the cracks of our hardwood floors a year later. (Love them, though!)


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