Monthly Menu


March menu

At the beginning of every month I print a current blank calendar page off the internet and make up a monthly menu of meals for supper.  When you cook supper every night it can be hard to come up with ideas for what to make, so I found actually writing out a meal for every day made supper time easier .  The item listed didn’t have to be made if we didn’t feel like it, but 95% of the time we stick to the menu.  It just eliminates the stress of worrying about what to cook, it also helps ahead of time to know what to remove from the freezer to thaw.    The menu can help to rotate groceries you may have forgotten about and to help make a grocery list for the week.  When you live on a farm you can’t run into town if you are missing something for your recipe, so I find having everything planned out ahead helps.

I have heard of some people making a list of meals based on what’s on sale that week at their grocery store, but I find that making the menu first and then shopping for those items works better for us.  I also try to never repeat any meals and I like to try out about three new recipes a month to keep it interesting. This month I made a recipe I found online for Walnut Encrusted Steelhead Trout that was very good.  I will also be trying out a recipe for Enchiladas and a Pork Burger topped with an Apple Slaw.  We have to eat to survive so I always think you might as well make it interesting.


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