Homemade Patchwork Quilt – Part 1



We  are currently in the process of sewing a patchwork quilt.  This project has been on the go for quite a while now and it is finally coming together.  The first step was designing the quilt.  I decided I liked the look of a 3 inch square, which meant cutting 4 inch squares from the material so there would be extra fabric for the hem.  After deciding on the size of the squares I decided that I would like it to fit on my bed which meant that there would be 27 rows of 20 squares.  Around the patchwork area there is also going to be a boarder. The other side of the quilt will be one style of fabric that will have to be seamed at some point because it is narrower than the width of the quilt.  The inside of the quilt will be filled with batting.


For the color of fabric I decided to have it a multicolor theme, which meant it was then time to start collecting the fabric.  In the end I gathered fabric from all over, some was bought at Fabricland, some types were already in our the craft room from previous projects or shopping trips and lastly there is some vintage fabric from our local goodwill store.  A while back we saw a big bag of fabric scraps there for $4 so we bought it not knowing what it would be used for.  As it turns out this quilt would be the perfect thing to use it on.  There were fabrics from as far back as the 40’s in the bag which will be a nice addition to the quilt.

Next all of the squares had to be traced and cut out.  This took the longest of any of the steps because there were a total of 540 fabric squares needed for the quilt.  After that, the squares were laid out in strips for color placement and numbered from 1 -27. Then the squares were sewn together in 27 separate strips of 20.


After the squares were sewn together all of the seams need to be pressed to make it neater and easier to connect the long strips of fabric to each other.  This is where I will leave off for today.  The rest of the quilt creation will be posted in a future blog.



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