Kidney Health Month


Lilies and perennial Baby’s Breath in my yard.


I know this is late, but better late than never is what they say.  March is Kidney Health Month in Canada.  1 in 10 Canadians suffer from kidney disease, which means you or somebody close to you has kidney disease even though you might not know it.  It is a disease that does not show symptoms until it is has taken away most of your kidney function. Because of this The Kidney Association of Canada has come out with an easy online 10 question quiz to see if you are at risk for this disease.

 Take the quiz here: 

I am trying to get the word out because I suffer from kidney disease, and have been on dialysis since 2007.  I am currently on home hemo dialysis which allows me freedom to tailor my treatment to my life, but still makes me dependent on a machine for daily living. I hope someday to receive a kidney transplant, but until then I will have to be on dialysis.

Please think about organ donation seriously and let your friends and family members know about your decision to donate. You can save many lives and help people get their lives back.  Besides organ donation, you can donate time or money to your local kidney association. Please make a difference today. Thank you.


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