Snow is Melting, but is Replaced by Rain


Such a dreary day.

Our snow in finally melting, yah! Bad news, it has been replaced by rain.  I think the rain has melted the snow more than the temperature outside has.  In the past three days we have received about 2 inches of rain.  We don’t have our rain gauge up yet though because the ground is still frozen.


Our pond is still covered by ice.

  It has been quite dreary here with not much sun, but at least the snow is almost gone.  Every year we get so excited for spring, but it seems to be May before we get any spring weather.  I am getting sick of 6 months of winter.  Where are you spring? We need you in Saskatchewan.  Please come soon.


The rain is starting to flood the green ash trees.

If anyone out there reading this is experiencing spring please send it out this way.  We will pay you with all of the wheat, potash, lentils and mustard seed you could ever want.


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    • The melted snow was short lived, last night (Sunday 27) we received more than 6 inches of wet and heavy snow. The dreary weather is looking pretty good right now!

  1. Send wheat, potash, and mustard seeds to Ohio. In exchange I have bees pollenating peach trees, and pregnant deer. Though we’ve got 3 days of your rain coming here this week.

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