First BBQ Of The Year, Yahoo!




Yesterday we had our first BBQ of spring.  Not only do I love BBQ’ing, my animals do too.  They always seem to show up when the BBQ gets rolled out and preheated.  We had a simple menu, chicken breasts with honey garlic sauce, cheese sausages and mixed vegetables.  We also boiled some potatoes in the house and tossed them with butter, salt, pepper, and fresh dill.  I love barbequing in the spring and summer.  The taste of the food along with the great smells are so welcome after a long winter.  I know some people like to BBQ in the winter, but we don’t.  I think it makes it more special if you reserve it for the warmer months.



When I grill vegetables I like to cube up the zucchini, onions, peppers and mushrooms.  I then toss them in a little olive oil and sprinkle it all with Montreal Steak Spice.  The vegetables then get transferred to a wok we use on the BBQ.



Chicken is one of our favorite things to BBQ, and you can also never go wrong with a burger. Top it off with cheese, tomato, lettuce and some thin slices of onions and you have a meal that would make anyone happy.  I wish I could include the scent of the meal along with this post, but I can’t.  The closest I can do is suggest you have a BBQ for supper tonight and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Happy Grilling!






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