Pumping Water



We have recently finished pumping water out of our main yard.  The ten inches of recent snow had melted, and created some sloughs.


My dog Jaxx taking a swim in the ditch.




And if you look closely in the center of the picture you will see Stormy my cat who had to come help too.


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  1. Awe Stormy is a cutie. Wow that’s a lot of water. Looks more like a pond. Dig a wet weather pond maybe. We get a ton of water on our “wetlands” that we built our house on. It drives me nuts in that I wish I had the money or equipment to manage it better.

    Hopefully that’s it for you surface water wise for a while.

  2. Looks like you could maybe throw a few trout in your ditch and start a u-fish operation! But on a serious note, what type of trees are along the edge of the water? Would they be able to handle the extra moisture or is that the reason you had to pump it? All the best of luck!

    • We have to pump the water because all of the trees planted there can’t survive in excess water. The willow would be fine, but it is too much water for the green ash which are the next row behind the willow.

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