My Haskaps Came Today


Picture from, I hope mine look this nice.

I am amazed by what can be sent in the mail these days.  When I got the mail earlier this week I received a box that was long and narrow.  When I opened  the box I discovered my three little Haskap plants nestled together in brown packing paper.  I removed them from the box and placed them in a ice cream pail and gave them a little water.  I can’t wait to plant the Haskaps in our yard, they will be a welcome addition to our garden.  This winter when I placed my seed order to T&T Seeds Ltd. I also ordered their Haskap Collection.  The Haskaps were  sent now because the weather has finally warmed up enough to plant them.


Haskaps ( Lonicera caerulea ) are a relatively new berry to be grown successfully in North America. They berries are oval, boxy, blue in color, and about 1 cm in diameter. They produce sweet tasting fruit, which have the flavour of a cross between a raspberry and a blueberry.  The seeds are too small to notice and the skin dissolves in your mouth, so they work well for baking, smoothies and frozen desserts. The plants are very hardy to colder climates, and their flowers can survive -7 degrees Celsius without damage.  Haskaps are one of the first flowers to bloom, so therefore they produce fruit in June, earlier than any other plant.

The variety collection I ordered included a “Borealis”, a “Tundra” and a “Berry Blue” pollinator.  Next year they should be producing fruit already and in five to six years it is said each plant will produce up to 7 kg of fruit.


Here is a slideshow about the plant. –


Health benefits of Haskaps –


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  1. I too am growing haskaps for the first time this year. I hope that you will be posting updates on these awesome berryes !

  2. How exciting!! What an amazing little berry!! I wish you all kinds of luck with this project and am anxious to see the plants when I come to visit.

  3. Best of luck with the new guys. They look like they’re loving life getting acclimated in their bucket; ready to go outside soon. 🙂

  4. Such pretty berries! I have never heard of them before but they look gorgeous. Hope you have lots of luck with them and get to pick lots of yummy berries 🙂

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