Vegetables R’ Us


On May 25 we planted the vegetable garden.  I always find it kind of exciting, there is so much promise just waiting in those tiny seeds. We got 20 rows total of vegetables and some flowers thrown in for color.  This year we made the garden a bit smaller, as it was getting crowded out for sun by the Maple trees, Saskatoon Berries and Chokecherries.


Above is a picture  of the garden. To the left you can see the trees that were starting to block the sun.  On the right are the raspberries.  They are the Boyne variety and do very well there.  They are about 5 years old and produce lots of fruit every year.


Here is the garden after it was planted.  This year it has Mixed Flowers, Tendergreen Stringless Green Beans, Spanish Onions, Sweeter Yet Cucumbers, Acorn Squash, Detroit Dark Beets, Red Norland Potatoes, Black Beauty Zuchinni, Nantes Coreless Carrots, Candy Stripe Cosmos, Linzer Delikatess Potatoes, Tomato Variety Pack, Cherry Belle Radish, Romaine Lettuce and Baby Spike Carrots.  This is the first time I have tried Red Norland Potatoes, Linzer Delikatess Potatoes and Baby Spike Carrots, so I hope they do well.  As well as the plants mentioned there is always Dill, Bachelor Buttons, Calendula and Red Poppies that reseed themselves from year to year.


Here is my experimental vegetable garden, it is the section in the front surrounded by the railway ties, (in the back there are perennial flowers). In it I have planted multicolored carrots, multicolored beets, Lemon Cucumbers, and Watermelon Radishes.  I am excited to see how these varieties do,  they looked so interesting in the seed catalogue that I thought I should give them a try.  I like experimenting every year with a few different vegetables that I have never grown before.  I am also going to be buying a heirloom tomato from the greenhouse.  There is something so satisfying about growing your own food.



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    • The varieties of new veggies you have planted sound really interesting….I wonder what the watermelon radishes will look and taste like. My imagination is going overtime here!

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