Buds & Flowers


A lot of the plants around here are starting to bud out and flower.  Every day it seems there is a new surprise from one of the trees of shrubs.


Here are the buds from the sour cherry called Carmine Jewel that is planted in our yard.  This is the first year that it will produce fruit.  Last year it had two bunches flowers on it but one got knocked off by hail and the other were eaten by birds.


This is a picture of a Wild Saskatoon Berry.  Last year was a horrible year for them, all of the bushes were stripped of their buds and leaves by insects.  It looks like this year will be more productive for them.



This is a picture of a wild Violet flower.  They grow all over my yard hidden in the grass.


This flower called Hoary Puccoon (Lithospermum canescens) is one of the first wild flowers to bloom in my area.  They are most common in the ditch along our gravel roads.


Here is a couple of blooms from the Wild Strawberries.  They are also found all over my yard hidden in the grass.  After they have bloomed we often are lucky enough to find some of the mini strawberries that he birds haven’t eaten yet.  They have the sweetest strawberry flavour I have ever tasted.  Going for a walk around my yard hunting for Wild Strawberries to eat is one of my favorite parts of summer.


This plant is called a Buffalo Bean (Thermopsis rhombifolia).  It is also a wild flower found in the ditches around my yard.  When I begin to see them blooming I know the nice weather is officially here.  They mark the beginning of the parade of beautiful wild flowers that will bloom in our area.


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  1. Isn’t a true wonder how, even after the longest, coldest winter, the beautiful wildflowers come to life and bloom their springtime beauty?

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