June Showers Bring July Flowers


My Oasis On The Deck


We officially have enough moisture to last us a long, long while. In the past four days we have received more then 7 1/2 cm of rain. It is actually raining now as I write this. The yard has soaked up as much moisture as it can handle and it is starting to pool in various areas, because of that we have had to pump out several places.



On one quarter section of our land there is a creek that always flows in the spring from the runoff of the melted snow. I went out on the gator (utv) to check it today and it is running full tilt.



This is the dirt road going out to that section of land. There is a culvert under here but there is so much water that it can’t keep up.


Here is a low spot in the bush where the water has started to kill the trees.


Jaxx has figured out that depending on which direction the rain is coming from she can hide under the eaves safe and dry.  Hopefully that is all of the rain we get for a little while now.  Sun shine is what we need now to help all of our crops and gardens to reach their full potential.


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  1. My parents have so much water that they’ve been approved for flood relief and the building of a berm around their property. Their brand new barn is ruined, and their neighbours all have destroyed basements. It’s insane, and equally horrible. Although the rain is pretty, it’s so destructive.


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