Easy Summer Lunch




In the summer when it is so warm outside (and in the house, I have no a/c) I never feel like eating a hot meal. Lately I have been having a “ploughman’s lunch,” which is originally a British creation. The traditional Ploughman’s Lunch would consist of a hunk of crusty bread, cheese and chutney. My version of it has the requisite cheese and piece of bread/bun, but I also have added several other items. In the picture above I had pepper salami, which is a semi dried cured meat with a fiery coating of crushed tri colored peppercorns, as well as sweet and juicy fruit consisting of blueberries, strawberries and white nectarines, also yellow and red bell pepper slices and a bean salad.  My version of a bean salad is canned yellow beans, canned green beans, canned multi bean blend, diced white onions, diced red bell peppers, pepper and an oil and vinegar dressing.  This meal can easily be changed depending on what is available in your fridge.  Try roast turkey, liver sausage, salmon or tuna salad as your protein and any type of fruit or veggies you like.  You could also substitute crackers , pitas, or biscuits as your starch component. Try out any combo you like.  I hope you enjoy it for lunch, I know I will.


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