Fried Gator Anyone?



I recently went to an annual food festival. It is held on the river bank, and every year about 30 restaurants participate and offer small portions of their menu items for tasting.  Local musicans perform during the event on a free stage set up in front of all of the tables and benches, so everyone can enjoy some live music as they eat. This year I went and tried to take pictures of all of the food my group ate. It was my Aunt’s birthday so we took here since she is a fellow foodie. There are so many items I wanted to try, but I ran out of room and was way too full to try them all.  Maybe next year I’ll get around to the Deep Fried Pickles, Jeyuk Bokkeum, Bananas Foster Cheesecake and the Cilaquiles Rojos.


This is one of the best items of the day. Shrimp Remoulade with Fried Green Tomatoes. The shrimp were very flavorful, even without the sauce, leading me to believe that they were poached in a great liquid full of herbs and seasonings. The tomatoes were very crisp and not at all greasy. I think that they might have used panko bread crumbs to achieve the texture. To top it off, the remoulade was packed with herbs and had a bright note from lemon juice.  I would get this again for sure!


Here is a Green Curry with Rice and A Spring Roll. Also a very nice dish. The curry had a bit of spice but it was balanced well with the coconut milk in the sauce. To top the dish you could add chopped peanuts, fish sauce and hot chili sauce. The peanuts were an excellent addition and added a nice texture and rich flavour to the curry.


The Cajun Crab Stuffed Mushrooms were good too, but not quite as flavorful as I thought they would be. You can’t go wrong with a cream cheese based stuffing in anything though. Yes, cream cheese is always a crowd pleaser.


This is BBQ Ribs and a Orange, Ginger and Chicken Salad. The ribs were super tender and had a nice flavor from the sauce without being sopping and gloopy. You could still taste the meat and the char, two very important things in great grilling. As for the salad I only tried the dressing, (as it was someone else’s dish) it was very good, orangey and gingery without being too in your face. Very balanced.


Here is Butter Chicken, Pulao Rice and Naan.  I have never had this kind of rice before, but really enjoyed it.  It was spiced very lightly with whole fennel seeds, peppercorns and ground garlic and ginger from what I could tell. The butter chicken was very good too, with a creamy tomato flavour and tender pieces of chicken.  The naan was nice and soft great for sopping up the extra sauce.


This is the first time I have tried a Deep Fried Mars Bar.  It tasted exactly as you think it would. A hot crispy coating around a sweet, melting and chocolaty Mars bar.  It was a great dessert, but I don’t think I would ever try to tackle one on my own.  Frying the chocolate bar seems to have exponentially turned up the sweetness and would be too sweet for me to eat the whole thing by myself.


These are some French Macarons. I have never tried these before either, and had to get them when I saw they were for sale.  Each one was a different flavour. There was Chocolate (blue), Salted Carmel (beige) and Raspberry (pink).  My fav of the three was the salted caramel. The extra salt they added to the filling was so nice with the richness of the caramel. Each cookie had such a great texture, with a hard crust that broke through to a tender and soft inside.  It was definitely a great experience for my first time trying French Macarons.


The last item I tried was Fried Banana with Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream.  This is always popular.  You have a hot crunchy crust around the meltey sweet banana, drizzled in chocolate sauce and a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream to finish it off. This was a great way to top off our huge meal. I know I will be back again to this food festival next year, and maybe I’ll try the Fried Gator then!  (Would you believe they sold out!)


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  1. We also had the green curry with chicken on coconut rice – delicious!! The spring rolls which accompanied were really good….. The bison chili was good; also, coleslaw (which came with ribs) was really tasty–yum, yum…. schnitzel on a bun…a huge amount….very good….Grant had to have the baron beef on a bun…very tender….we finished with berry treasure which was a combination of saskatoon, raspberry and rhubarb in a crumble….very good!
    We’ll be going back too, next year……yummmmmm……droooooool……..

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