Tour Of The Yard



Here are some random pictures of my yard right now.


My Dahlias.


Multi coloured carrots.




Hines and my Lemon cucumber.


Explorer series rose called John Franklin.


Flower garden.


My Clematis.


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  1. Hey Bridget …

    Love the pictures! Your garden is really looking spectacular this summer … mine is, unfortunately pretty much done for the year, safe for a couple of hibiscus and some ‘mums.

    Question for you … I’ve been really enjoying reading your posts on cooking and cuisine, and I know you’re interestd in different ingredients. If you like, I can round up some spice mixes and other interesting things from here (we have a couple of good south Asian and middle eastern groceries in town, which have tons of spices, and other unique ingredients). Hopefully my mom has mentioned that I’m coming out your way this weekend (well, to Bruno, that is) and I can put together a bunch of items that you might find interesting if you like

    If there;s anything in particular you really would like me to find, let me know and I’ll do my best … hope things are okay and I’m looking forward to heading out west again.

    Yer cuz


    • That sounds awesome Chris. An types of ingredients from other cultures/ethnicities would be neat to try. I will leave it up to your expertise. Looking forward to seeing you!

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