Family & Fireworks



Recently some of my relatives came out from Ontario to visit us. When ever they come we try to get together as much as possible and also have a night of fireworks. My family loves fireworks. Two of my uncles were firefighters (now retired) so they are usually the ones setting them off.


To start off the night we went for a nice supper out together and enjoyed some tasty food. When everyone was done eating we went back to my Uncle and Aunt’s house and started a bonfire in the back yard. Once everyone was warmed up, the fireworks started! It was an awesome night and I will look forward to doing it again .







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  1. Your photos are awesome. I was a great evening and I was really happy to share it with you. I, too, look forward to doing it again!!

  2. Very nice! Way better than the photos I tried to take … it was great to see you, and your mom and all the Bruno gang again. The visit was too short … I really hope to make it out for a longer stay next year. But there could be no better welcome than turning up at the Bruno cafe to see all of you there.

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