Raspberry Cordial



On my farm I have a big batch of Raspberry bushes. It started off as 20 Boyne Raspberry sticks about 6 years ago, and now it has grown into a gargantuan patch that gets bigger every year. For about 4 years we have had all of the fresh and frozen berries we could eat along with jelly for my peanut butter toast every morning (25-30 jars a year).


This year for something different I tried making Raspberry Cordial. I saw the recipe in a Company’s Coming cookbook and couldn’t resist making a batch. I have more than enough berries, check, vinegar, check, sugar, check and with such an old school name, Cordial (who drinks Cordial? I guess I do now) I thought I have to give it a try.



Basically you pick 4 cups of raspberries and put them in a 1 liter jar.


Then you cover the fruit with vinegar and let sit for two days.


Once the two days are up, strain the juice and add equal amount of sugar to the strained juice.  Heat this mixture and boil for 10 minutes.  When done cooking cool and put in fridge.  When you are ready for a drink mix 1 part cordial to three parts water add ice and enjoy.


Fruity and refreshing, tastes like summer!


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