Stormy, King of The Castle – Marie, Supreme Ruler Of The Farm




Recently we had some warmer weather (-4 C).  You know it’s warmer around my farm because all of the cats come out of hiding in their house and sun themselves.  Above is Stormy our resident Tom cat.  He likes to sit in the sun on the vertical log of their fence, but usually loses the spot to our resident Mother cat Marie.  If I were Stormy I would let Marie have that spot too, after all she has killed several other animals bigger than her namely a duck and a rabbit, and doesn’t shy away from fighting/chasing dogs. Yeah, she’s one tough cat.


This is tough Mama Marie on the prowl last summer.


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  1. What a great shot of Stormy. I have had the “pleasure” of meeting Marie. Maybe, had you known what a feline force she would be, her name would have been Mariah.

  2. Love it. We only have one cat, but she rules all too. Except that she hasn’t been out of the barn in a couple of months. We have bunnies on the property for the first time ever. They’re in for a rude surprise when Ralph comes out of hibernation.

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