To become a champion, Oliver needed one


March is National Kidney Awareness month, below is a story about a young man and his journey to receive a new kidney. Please sign your organ donor card and let your family and friends know about your choice to donate your organs when you pass. I am currently on the kidney transplant waiting list and have had kidney disease for over 13 years, and need Hemo Dialysis five days a week. This disease affects every facet of my life right now, from what I can eat to the activities I have enough energy to participate in. Please think about this important decision to donate and discuss it with your family and friends. Just think of all of the people you or your loved ones could help.


“My dad saved my life when he donated one of his kidneys to me,” says Oliver Senger, a 17-year-old who received a kidney from his father, a living donor, four years ago.

When Oliver was six months old, his parents took him to the doctor when they noticed he was having trouble keeping his food down. After a battery of tests, they discovered Oliver had abnormally small kidneys, a condition that meant his kidneys were not fully functioning and unable to properly filter waste from his blood.

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