On Friday I had a fistulaplasty and am still a little sore today.

You see my hemo dialysis machine measures the pressure in my veins while circulating blood to and from my body, and lately my pressures were high.  I had an ultrasound, then a fistulagram done and several narrowings in the vein called a stenosis were found in my shoulder area.  A plasty is then done by placing a wire with a little balloon in the vein guided by X-ray to the narrowing and blowing up the ballon to stretch the vein wider in that area.  My fistulaplasty was originally booked for April but they had a cancellation Friday, so I got the date instead.  Today during dialysis I noticed an improvement already, I was able to run full speed during the whole treatment rather than slow it down like I used to when my pressures started to climb.

The whole procedure didn’t take long at all.  It probably took longer to prep and drape the area then to actually preform the plasty.  The nurses and Doctor I had were just awesome and made me feel comfortable by explaining what was going on the whole time.

Hopefully my arm will feel better in time and my pressures will stay low.


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  1. Glad it went well, Bridget! All the best to you. I saw your letter to the Star-Phoenix, and thought it was really good. Well written and direct. I hope it got the attention it deserved.

    Cousin Chris

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