Today I placed my annual seed order.  I  chose a variety of vegtables and flowers from two companies. I placed a small order with a company called T&T Seeds out of Winnipeg Manitoba and a larger order from Lindenburg also out of Manitoba, the city of Brandon to be exact. Oh I can’t wait for spring.  I know technically it is spring, but to me most of the snow has to be gone, and it will still take a little for that to happen here.  So far only about half has melted, and it is forecast to snow more in the upcoming days.


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  1. It’s technically spring where I am, too, but it doesn’t feel like it yet. I’m so excited for warm, breezy days and sunshine… I’ve missed it!

    • I am planting a lettuce variety called Baby Star that looked interesting that I have never tried. There is a flower mix that has chartreuse and purple flowers that looks so pretty, that I can’t wait to plant as well as a red flower mix. I also am trying a new type of radish called Altabelle that is earlier and more disease resistant to previous kinds we have planted.

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