The First BBQ of 2015



This Sunday we had our first BBQ of the year.  It wasn’t super warm outside, probably around +10C with wind.  Everyone else had hamburgers and I had a steak.  I like hamburgers too, but I find you can never go wrong with a good BBQ steak.  The only time I ever have steak is at a restaurant, or if I BBQ one for myself, which means I never eat steak at home in the winter.  I’ve tried cooking steak on the stove top and oven and find I don’t enjoy the flavour as much as BBQ’ing one.  I think it has to do with the smell and flavour of the meat cooking on the fire.  I didn’t quite get the temp I enjoy on my steak, but for the first one of the year I think it was still delicious.



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  1. Yes!! Spring is here! I had my first BBQ of the season too, but I had chicken legs. I had to be careful not to get stuck in the snow on the deck beside the BBQ. Your photo of the meat cooking is almost aroma producing.

  2. yum HP sauce. I think that’s a Canada thing. I use it on my steak when I’m in Winnipeg. Nice to see you’re getting outside and enjoying spring. I fear what’s living in our grill. You’ve inspired me to maybe go poke around it this weekend.

  3. Hah! You’re funny! Not too warm, when it’s +10C .. it’s about +1 C here this morning … that being said, that barbecue looks almost perfect except … NEEDS MORE MEAT!!!! 🙂

    • We have been experiencing colder weather too lately. It has snowed every night for the past 3 or 4 nights and is +1C today. That being said most of the snow melts the next day, I guess give thanks for small blessings!

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