Boing … Here is Spring!




The first blooms have appeared in my yard on the weekend.  They are the Crocuses in my perennial bed. They didn’t bloom at all last year so it is so nice to see their little flowers this spring.


Today we spent part of the afternoon planting some herbs in mason jars and transplanting some houseplants into larger pots.  The mason jar herb kit I received for a present and decided since today was a nice day I should finally plant them.  The kit included all of the necessary supplies, so it was quite an easy project, although they included clover as one of the herbs and instead of planting it I had some dill seeds I substituted.  I can’t wait until they start growing and I can use them in recipes.  The house plants have needed transplanting for quite a while so it was good that we accomplished that today too.


To finish off the afternoon we went for a Gator ride up and down the road and through the fields.  It was a little bit of a challenge though because of all of the ditching and low spots filled with water.  I bet our trail viewed on Google Earth would look quite interesting with all of our doubling back, around and zig zagging.



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