Smokey Summer Days


I thought I’d do a little update today about what is going on out here.  Right now is Saskatchewan we are experiencing lots of forest fires.  There are over 100 fires burning in the northern area of the province causing more than 13,000 people to be evacuated from their homes.  They have been staying in other parts of the province and some even in an emergency shelter in Cold Lake Alberta.  The closest fire to my community is 400km north, but the strong winds are blowing plenty of smoke down which has been causing air quality advisories.  Below is a picture down the road from my farm in the middle of the day.  It looks very misty and dark and it smells like a giant camp fire all day long.  I can hardly imagine what it is like farther north.



 All of the smoke is causing the sun to look red too.

My flowers are doing well for the most part.  The lilies are just starting to bloom and it looks as if my clematis will start blooming any day now as well.


Spring 2015 (before forest fires started)


Summer 2015 (during forest fires)

  The chick peas I planted look really interesting and remind me of mini caragana bushes.  The corn is about 6 inches high and is doing well I think, considering I haven’t  planted corn in more than 10 years and this is the mini kind.


And finally here is our harvest from the garden so far.  No sign of cut worms at all this year which is a nice change.

Here is our harvest from the garden so far, a bouquet of radishes. No sign of cut worms at all this year which is a nice change.

And lastly here is Hines sleeping on one of the chairs on the deck. She thinks she’s people.



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  1. Great garden, Bridget! Ours needs a serious weeding, and looks rather neglected by comparison. Your clemaits seems to come along a bit later in the season, but they all look great!

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