Baby Kitties and Cherries



My mother cat Marie had babies last month.  Right now they are so cute.  They love running around and playing in the straw together.  I know it won’t be long before they make it to the deck and we will hear them all hours of the day and night running after each other and racing.




This year our sour cherry tree finally had cherries on it.  I believe it is a Juliet variety, but am not positive.  We had two pickings and in total we had a little over 2 kilograms.  I think we will try making some cherry jam with them and a cherry pie for sure.


We also had some berries on our domestic Saskatoon berry bush.  We probably got to them a little late, but they were very plentiful and huge.  When I first saw them hanging there on the bush they reminded me of grapes, and of course my dog had to get in on the picking too.  Whenever she is with us outside in the garden or by the fruit trees she is always right by our side mooching or picking the fruit on her own.



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  1. Your cherries and berries look wonderful. OMG! Baby kitties! They are so beautiful. I love their coloring. Does the dog like to pick and eat berries? So cute! Have a lovely day, Koko 🙂

  2. It is exciting to see new life coming into being. New kittens and new fruit trees starting to produce. How great is that!!!

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