Harvest Time




Our garden has done really well this year.  As you read in a previous post we have lots of green beans, but plenty of other vegetables have had a great year as well.


Here is one of my tomato plants. The variety is called Homeslice.  Their tomatoes are a nice size and have a really nice flavour.  I think we will plant them again next year.


These are my Patty Pan squash.  They did so nice this year, I just love them.  They have very tender skins and can be used any way you would use a zucchini, plus IMG_2292they are more of a bush type plant so they don’t spread all over the garden like some squash do.  I grilled them on the BBQ one night for supper and they were delicious, I definitely will plant them again next year.


These are my baby corn plants.  This is the first year I have ever planted them, but they sure don’t look baby to me.  They are not quite ready to harvest so the jury is still out on them.   Although they do add some nice contrast visually to the garden so they would be a decorative addition to the other plants.


Our cucumbers did crazy well this year. We plant the same variety every year (Sweeter Yet), and for whatever reason all they seeds germinated this year and produced tons of cucumbers.  We have been giving them away for a month or more because we can only eat so many and lots of people we know had a bum crop of cucumbers this year.



Here is a look at what we picked from the garden one day last week.  The carrots are Nantes Coreless and are they variety we plant every year.  They don’t have too pointy a tip to them so they don’t break off when you are digging them up and they store well too.


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